Frequently Asked Questions

Below you'll find answers to our most commonly asked questions.

A visit with Santa at your home is safe, convenient, personalized and saves time.

When you order online, you select your delivery date in December. You’ll receive an email from us as a reminder when your link is available.

Once the link is available, sign into your account on our website and you’ll receive the link.

We have a gift cards available via the website that’s very simple to order. You select your package and the gift card email will be sent to you to forward to your recipient.

Easy! Click on Gift cards to purchase your five or more Santa messages or live chats.

In order for Santa to personally connect with a child, we are limiting each personalized message to one child only. The live chat is a great option for include multiple children or families.

We ask for their name (and pronunciation), what the child wants for Christmas and favorite hobbies and/or sports. Privacy is a primary concern, so we don’t ask for any personal information.

We don’t share information with any outside vendors or marketing companies.

We provide easy to follow tech information on our website.

Because you have an allotted amount of time and we want connection quality to be the best possible, we find it’s best to limit the virtual visit to one household.

Every Santa on our team is professional, experienced, and vetted. As professional broadcast and media producers, we’ve worked with some of the top network and media outlets in the country to create effective, superior quality content and are using our same skills to bring Santa into your home.

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